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HEDRAHeterogeneous Distributed Real-Time Architecture
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El buen negro: Reprints 1987 Spanish translation 2009--Sao Paulo: Editora Hedra.
We told him that we don't want it to happen this way because we want to apply the rule of law," Hedra said.
As HBS and Hedra employees were only eligible to participate in the survey this year, the fact that we have held on to last year's ranking of 16th is a particularly good result.
Turnover was up 46%, boosted by the acquisitions of business processing outsourcing firm HBS and management consultancy Hedra, although underlying revenue still increased 14%, which was in line with the company's target of 10 to 15%.
After review, the Council signed an agreement with Hedra, one of Open Text's reseller partners, to provide it with a Livelink ECM - eDOCS R/KYV solution.
David Harker joins the team as partner from the board of public sector management consulting company Hedra, where he was executive director in charge of the firm's devolved Government teams.