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HEFCEHigher Education Funding Council for England (UK)
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Young's term as HEFCE chairman has been extended by three months--to 31 December 2007--to allow Melville-Ross to stay, as chairman of the council of the University of Essex during the autumn, while the university's new vice-chancellor settles into post.
For example, in the UK university libraries can develop performance measures based on the SCONUL (Society of College, University, and National Libraries) guidelines or feed into HEFCE institutional targets.
The potential for abuse is fully appreciated by the HEFCE administrators, who, in spite of transient political ideologies of our paymasters, are with us in their determination to see that our universities remain healthy and creative places.
Dr Hakim Yadi, CEO of the Northern Health Science Alliance said he was "extremely delighted" to receive the backing of the HEFCE.
London Met has no problem with HEFCE over funding or the standard of academics.
6m reduction were anticipated and there will be no redundancies or course closures arising as a direct result of the HEFCE grant settlement for 2011/12.
It seems that the University is chasing HEFCE funding which places undue emphasis upon international research standings at the expense of valuable teaching to students.
7m in STEM facilities, co-funded by Northumbria University and HEFCE, marks clearly the commitment of this university to driving world-class research and teaching across STEM disciplines and to drive an increased flow of highly-employable graduates into industry.
In a letter to HEFCE, setting out the priorities for higher education in the 2013/14 academic year, the ministers said there should be a "buffer zone", so institutions that slightly exceed their quotas are not penalised.
A HEFCE spokesman said today: "This budget reflects the first year of the progressive shift of HEFCE grant to the student support budget to meet the cost of increased tuition fee loans under the Government's new finance arrangements for higher education.
HEFCE chief executive Sir Alan Langlands said the results "demonstrates that our universities and colleges provide a high-quality experience for their students".
In a bid to save an estimated 100m [pounds sterling] per year, the HEFCE has withdrawn financial support to students studying for an equivalent or lower qualification (ELQ).