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HEFCEHigher Education Funding Council for England (UK)
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Darren Watson, knowledge exchange policy adviser at HEFCE, said: "Those graduating from the courses should be in a position to develop careers in either engineering or data science, cyber security and software engineering, according to the course they have undertaken.
This HEFCE funding will enable us to fully equip the labs in it so larger cohorts of students can develop the key professional skills that they will need for their careers.
HEFCE started funding for knowledge exchange in 1999, and the higher education sector has made steady progress over the last decade in changing its culture and attitudes and developing its capacity to work with businesses and the public.
Young's term as HEFCE chairman has been extended by three months--to 31 December 2007--to allow Melville-Ross to stay, as chairman of the council of the University of Essex during the autumn, while the university's new vice-chancellor settles into post.
The Worcester project is putting together a funding mix based on PFI credits and HEFCE Strategic Development Support.
HEFCE (2002) Performance Indicators in Higher Education: 1999-2000, 2000-1.
The EIB financing arrangement with HEFCE was set in place in close co-operation with the UK government and Department of Education and Employment, to provide targeted support for selected English universities.
The HEFCE estimates 28 per cent of students at the University of Glamorgan, based in Treforest, will drop out this year compared to a benchmark figure of 25 per cent, taking into account students' backgrounds and qualifications.
It will be a tremendous privilege to work with Sir Michael Barber and colleagues at HEFCE and OFFA in leading the new organisation.
David Sweeney, HEFCE director for research, education and knowledge exchange, said: "This is an exciting development which complements other activity we have supported in the North.
In addition to disbursing funds to public universities, HEFCE is responsible for ensuring quality education and research in England through an audit process - annual academic audits and a competitive research assessment every four years," he informed.
Recent figures released from the HEFCE showed that individual universities would on average experience a 3.