HEGISHigher Education General Information Survey
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HEGIS datasets from 1972 do not delineate student enrollment numbers by attendance status (full versus part-time).
2) The statistics reported here were derived from published IPEDS and HEGIS data in 15 editions (1988 to 2002) of the NCES annual publication Digest of Education Statistics.
HEGIS includes information on the amount of money in their budgets allocated for teaching and research.
All HEGIS data sets contain information on the racial composition of the campus.
3 HEGIS stands for the Higher Education Graduates Information System.
Prepared by the Quantum Research Corporation of Bethesda, MD, CASPAR makes HEGIS data available through an on-line computer server system.
NCES recommends the use of weights with NPSAS-87 because of disproportionate sampling on three variables (time period of loan, default status, and HEGIS vs.
We excluded HEGIS expenditure categories, such as research and auxiliary enterprises, that would not have been comparable across different institutional types.
Because Pell grants and Stafford loans were not included in HEGIS for these years,(5) other information sources were needed to estimate these changes in average awards per FTE for these programs.
Calculated from HEGIS using the method described in note 2.
The information used in our analysis of variability was drawn from a time series of HEGIS financial data for the years 1974-75 through 1985-86.
The HEGIS data we use does not allow us to separately identify private gifts.