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HEHHang 'em High (gaming)
HEHHongkong Electric Holdings (Hong Kong)
HEHHerzogin-Elisabeth Hospital (Germany)
HEHHotel Europaeischer Hof (Munich, Germany; hotel)
HEHHousehold Energy and Health (University of California, Berkeley)
HEHHydraulic External Hatch
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Professor Wlodzimierz Borodziej, Chair of the HEH Academic Committee said: "Like the union, the work of the House of European History will never be complete.
Sensing what might have been his bewilderment, they gather the courage to laugh at Sonnyboy, at the fool he had made of himself: 'Heh heh heh
2 August 2010 - S&P said it may lower its investment-grade ratings of Hong Kong industrial conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa (HKG:0013) and related entities Cheung Kong Infrastructure, or CKI, Hongkong Electric and Hongkong Electric Holdings (HKG:0006), or HEH, citing potential increase in leverage after a large debt-funded transaction.
The heh goos's influence affected the interests of people around him, for people of high status controlled the relations that affected the family at large, and sometimes the village itself.
The chief didn't like the idea, but went on record as saying he'd adopt a 9mm auto if the troops found one that was double action only, heh, heh, heh.
Criteria for inclusion in the study group were as follows: (a) patients 6 months to 23 years of age (mean 5 years), (b) received HEH oral premedication 0.
This was the context for Barrett's infamous "evil laughter" mail: "Heh, heh, heh.
To cover the capacitive and functional deficits described above, The heh submitted a proposal to promote the construction project at the lower saxony ministry of social affairs, Health and equality in 2015.
waw s comin HeH athro wiw th Ke the ban were th kids out started "Then Direction out.
WITHAn dy Carroll seemingly noti n Brendan Rogers' plans, heh as opted foraco mpletely different kindo fst riker in Fabio Borini .
menwmenmen will always get in th thehehe heh way of friendship betweeween een d R h Resear Researchers rc from the University ofofof E Cl Wfofouadad Resea chers rc y Wisconsin-Eau Claire so alsalsa und men more frequ tly ently ntn dmitted attraction to theireiei fe l f ds wh ly female r ends while friends whil le overestimating their ir friend's romantic f d' f i d' ti f l f h feelings for them.
HEH HEH Come in, I have things of need To you--Farb