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HEKHuman Embryonic Kidney Cells
HEKHalo Editing Kit (gaming)
HEKHuman Epidermal Keratinocyte
HEKHuman Embryo Kinase (cell biology)
HEKHändler Einkaufspreis
HEKHuman Embryo Kidney Culture (cancer)
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HEK 293T/17) and is not recommended for lentivirus generation in suspension cell types.
Wild type HEK 293 cells were seeded into T75 flask and grown to about 80% confluency.
HaCaT cells and SCC-25 were cultured in DMEM while KGM MEDIUM was used for the HEK cell lines.
Both HEK 293T and HepG2 cells were counted on micropattern spots at four time points (12 hr, 36 hr, 60 hr and 84 hr).
Starting February 15, 2013, nominal coupon bonds issued by ARTSAKH HEK ojsc were listed and included in the Bbond list
Whilst the principal goal of the HEK project will continue to focus on searching for moons, this first planetary system discovered by HEK demonstrates the unexpected discoveries possible with transit analysis," said Kipping.
HEK 293 cells were treated with a furin inhibitor, decanoyl-Arg-Val-Lys-Arg-chloromethyl ketone (DecRVKR-CMK) (Enzo Life Sciences), or cotransfected with a furin-specific small interfering RNA (siRNA) (Santa Cruz Biotechnology) along with proBNP transfection.
The HEK tool enables us to characterize significant features and events that will be of interest to solar physicists, and make these data subsets easily accessible.
In contrast to the provisions for QHTS, the HEK rules permit partial hedging.
HEK 293-T cells were grown on 12-mm coverslips in 24-well plates and transfected with pGRA5 as described in the previous section.
We cultured HEK 293 cells in Dulbecco modified Eagle medium (DMEM) with 10% fetal bovine serum (FBS).
To further establish our point, a dominant negative VAMP2 (DNVAMP2) construct was made, interestingly, expression of CFP-DNVAMP2 in HEK 293 cells showed a diffused staining of the VAMP2 protein in the cytoplasm.