HELBHigh Energy Line Break (nuclear power)
HELBHigher Education Loans Board (Kenya; est. 1995)
HELBHelictoper Boss (US FEMA)
HELBHombres En La Brecha (Spanish: Man in the Gap International)
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The automated scheme will provide a smoother procedure in regards to student tuition fees payment process which affects all HELB loan beneficiaries and to find it easier to expand loan services to other colleges," Ringera said.
His payslip indicated he had paid for NHIF, NSSF, HELB, KRA but on inquiring, the organisations deny receiving any payment.
Students are suffering in their hostels while others are still stuck at home with unpaid fees arrears due to delayed HELB.
To cater for my fees, I applied for bursaries and supplemented that with what I would get from HELB.
The students are also demanding the release of their HELB money.
Others requirements are tax clearance certificates from KRA and clearance from EACC, HELB, Directorate of Criminal Investigations, and Credit Reference Bureau.