HELFHeads of E-Learning Forum (est. 2003; various universities; UK)
HELFHuman Embryonic Lung Fibroblast (cytology)
HELFHouse-Elf Liberation Front (Harry Potter)
HELFHeadrest, Eyepiece, Lights, Filter (procedure for checking tank rangefinder)
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The release liner recycled from Helf Etiketten and Bel Leerdammer amounted to an equivalent CO2 emission reduction of a total of 56 tons versus landfilling.
While the main makeup of Helf Alfodool is Shiite, Komaty is at pains to stress that the movement is an inclusive one.
They have a distensible crop, a storage organ that enables them to eat more than 100 percent of their body weight in one or more sittings," says Helf.
Tennessee Commerce Bancorp Inc (NASDAQ: TNCC) has said that its chairman and chief executive Arthur Helf will retire on Thursday and be succeeded by cofounder Michael Sapp.
Abdullah and Jamous said government forces overtook a rebel base in the Helf area in north Darfur on Thursday night.
Producing disciplinary and grievance procedures Conciliation and Arbitration Service London, 2004 (ACAS self helf guide)
Three cell lines were used at CDC for enterovirus culture: RD (human rhabdomyosarcoma), HELF (human embryonic lung fibroblast), and LLC-MK2 (monkey kidney).
The Midlands Four West South leaders opened up a 10-3 lead at the interval, but they were unable to hold on and Old Alleynians made their superior fitness and territorial advanatge tell in the second helf.
B: It also occurs in combination with a second answering particle ",ja" (yes), "nein" (here pronounced and transcribed as "nee"; no) or "hm": 11 , ich helf ihr, soweit's geht B: ja, 12 uns ja nun wieder auch nich B: Nee, 13 m Telefon merkt esja keiner.
It finished all square at Chasetown where high-flying Oldbury United were helf to a 1-1 draw.
This year's conference, partially funded by the Monticello College Foundation and by Dance Magazine, was helf from July 25 through August 6 at the University of lowa, staffed by Kay Braden, director of choreography, Rob Kaplan, director of music, Maria Vegh, director of ballet and the teachers' seminar, and Armando Duarte, director of modern dance.
You constantly give me ideas and opinions that helf me do a better job and I want to thank you so much for taking the time to do that.