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HELMHelping Engineers Learn Mathematics (UK)
HELMHistoric Environment Local Management (UK)
HELMHigher Education and Leadership Ministries
HELMHome Education Learning Magazine
HELMHigher Education Leadership Management (graduate school curriculum; various locations)
HELMHealth and Environment Library Modules (WHO)
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I saw the helmsman lunge forward upon the wheel, pulling the helm around so that the tug sheered off quickly from her course, and I recall realizing that all our efforts were to be in vain, because of all the men aboard, Fate had decreed that this one should fall first to an enemy bullet.
With all my strength I threw the helm to starboard; but it was too late to effect the purpose of our skipper.
But now that he felt he had solved the reason that he rode always with closed helm he was for the first time anxious himself to hide his face from the sight of men.
The sleeper at the helm woke; looked up at the idle sails, and yawned in sympathy with them; looked out at the sea on either side of him, and shook his head obstinately at the superior obstinacy of the calm.
We both rushed up the cabin stairs, naturally under the impression that one of our crew had fallen into the sea: an impression shared, I ought to add, by the man at the helm, who had given the alarm.
Two away in the boat, a third at the helm, and, to my amazement, when I looked round, the other four behind me making our number complete.
I looked at the seaman at the helm, I had an impulse to speak to him, and, indeed, his face took on an expectant cast as if he had guessed my intention.
If the air steadied at all the seaman at the helm could be trusted for a warning shout: "Ship's all aback, sir
But Beer was dating someone else, and although she and Helm became close friends, they went their separate ways for the next decade.
Helm is responsible for the warehousing, inventory management and fulfillment of marketing and sales literature distributed to more than 11,000 retail locations in North America that carry the Carhartt brand.
Some people have actually called the film `soft,' wishing that I'd made a scathing diatribe against Senator Helms," states New York City--based filmmaker Tim Kirkman, referring to his intensely personal diary-documentary, Dear Jesse, which opens nationwide in July.
As an integrated specialty fulfillment company for some of the nation's leading companies, Helm continuously enhances its in-house services that comprise the marketing and fulfillment initiatives that run through its organization.