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HELOHispanic Elected Local Officials (National League of Cities)
HELOHungarian Eco-Labelling Organization (Ministry of Environment and Water; Hungary)
HELOHighly Elliptical Lunar Orbit
HELOHanze Electronische Leer Omgeving (Dutch: Hanze Electronic Learning Environment; Hanze University Groningen; Netherlands)
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Details: For more information about HELO and membership opportunities, contact NLC at (202) 626-3169.
As we taxied out to the helo pad, the aircraft started randomly hopping again.
He also encouraged HELO members to take part in the second Leadership on the Hill, which is a series of Congressional briefings and lobbying efforts with HELO Board and general members, to be held April 27-28 in Washington, D.
A remaining Tomcat had been sent to the tanker while the helo continued to look feverishly in the icy waters for the aircrew and others.
HELO will convene its board meeting on Monday, March 15, from 2:45 p.
We want our NLC colleagues to know that HELO is working hard to make contributions that support leaders and the nation's cities and towns," stated Bridgeport, Conn.
For HELO, we want to ensure that we continue to support and strengthen our local governments through as many opportunities as possible.
Among discussion topics, the board talked about future candidates for the NLC Board of Directors vacancies that will be filled at NLC's Congress of Cities in November in San Antonio, and continued strategic planning for membership recruitment and lobbying with NLC to members of Congress as a follow up to this spring's HELO on the Hill series of Congressional briefings.
We as HELO participated in this first ever 'HELO on the Hill,' not to be heard, but rather to be listened to by members, congressional staff and NLC," Silva said.
The pilot noticed the aircraft did not break out of the dust cloud in the normal four to five seconds, but neither he nor the copilot recognized that the helo had begun a slow right-hand drift.
HELO President Carlos Silva, president pro tempore, Bridgeport, Conn.
A corpsman on board the helo provided initial treatment as the victim was transported to a medical facility in Bahrain.