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HEMATICHeat & Mass Transfer Information Center
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Accumulation of lead produces damaging effects in the hematopoetic, hematic, renal and gastrointestinal systems (Correia et al.
Finally a MannWhitney test was applied to determine the differences among the values in each parameter of chemistry and hematic biometry between males and females, with p<0.
Commenting on a speech in Iliad 14 in which Odysseus calls Agamemnon "princeps populorum" [prince of the people], Chapman challenges Sponde's assumption that the epithet is intended "to be given in scorne and that all of Ulysses' speech is scoptiche, or scoffing," instead proposing that while Odysseus does speak "altogether seriously and bitterly to this title at the end," the epithet is in fact "spoken epios, molliter or hematic, of purpose to make Agamemnon beare the better the justice of his other austeritie" (1998a, 294).
New advances in molecular epizootiology of canine hematic protozoa from Venezuela, Thailand and Spain.
Of 146 samples collected during the study, 62 (42%) were hematic (CSF-H), of which more than half [35 (57%)] were from patients with an SAH diagnosis corroborated by diagnostic CT scan.
The all-new Hematic 100 and 125 are long and sleek to fly at high-speeds and penetrate deeply after a hit.