HEMTTHeavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
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Because of their size, LMTVs, M978 HEMTT tankers, and 10,000-pound all-terrain lifter Army system (ATLAS) forklifts were loaded onto contracted lowboys.
The hybrid HEMTT design favors missions that involve a lot of starting and stopping to provide the regenerative braking that tops off the capacitors.
The HEMTT has been the workhorse of the Army's heavy tactical wheeled vehicle fleet for the past 20 years.
Conducting a ground convoy using HEMTT tankers provides high fuel capacity, which can be increased easily depending on the mission and number of HEMTTs available.
You'll have to install both new steering gears to replace the old steering gear on your HEMTT -A4.
Oshkosh's HEMTT is a series of 10-ton, eight-wheel-drive vehicles designed to provide transport capabilities for resupply of combat vehicles and weapons systems.
According to the company, the HEMTT A3 employs Oshkosh's ProPulse diesel-electric drive system, which the company said is capable of improving fuel economy by a minimum of 20 percent and providing up to 200 kilowatts of exportable AC power.
Expanding the HEMTT crew-carrying capacity from two to six.
But the Army is not yet persuaded that the HEMTT should be hybrid, said Lt.
For the Oshkosh([R]) HEMTT A4, changes include a more powerful drivetrain; improved suspension; a fully air-conditioned and armor-ready cab; and other structural changes to make in-the-field installation of add-on armor quicker and easier.
A manufacturing error resulted in the wiring harnesses being routed directly across the top of the hydraulic distribution manifold in some HEMTT -A4 trucks.