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HENRYHigh Earner, Not Rich Yet (business slang)
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A young man, Henry Otway, was reading, with his feet on the fender.
Henry inquired, placing coal on the fire, drawing a chair up to the grate, and laying aside her cloak.
You an' me, Henry, when we die, we'll be lucky if we get enough stones over our carcases to keep the dogs off of us.
But we ain't got people an' money an' all the rest, like him," Henry rejoined.
Your eldest niece,' Agnes explained, as Henry looked at her in amazement.
All the more reason, Henry, for trusting me with the charge of their children.
Then came separate bedrooms for Aunt Em and Uncle Henry, with a fine bathroom between them.
Then Sir Henry suggested that it might be well to get as near the door as possible and halloa, on the faint chance of somebody catching a sound outside.
This is Lord Henry Wotton, Dorian, an old Oxford friend of mine.
But on this June day in the year of our Lord 1243, Henry so forgot himself as to very unjustly accuse De Montfort of treason in the presence of a number of the King's gentlemen.
cried Dorothy, in an anxious voice, "I'm sure Uncle Henry isn't getting any better, and it's because he is worried about me.
And it all ended, at last, in his telling Henry one morning that when he next went to Woodston, they would take him by surprise there some day or other, and eat their mutton with him.