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HEOHeavy Equipment Operator
HEOHigh Earth Orbit
HEOHigher Executive Officer
HEOHigh Energy Orbit
HEOHigher Education Organization
HEOHungarian Energy Office (est. 1994; Hungary)
HEOHouse of Education Online (forum)
HEOHeterotopic Endochondral Ossification
HEOHuman Error Occurrence
HEOHighly-inclined Elliptical Orbit
HEOHealth Education Officer
HEOHarbour Empowerment Order (UK)
HEOHigh Eccentricity Orbit
HEOHighly Elliptical Orbit/ Orbiters
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Based on his patients' stories, the book includes the accounts of Heo and other medical professionals claiming that the new law, which is sure to cause initial confusion in the medical profession, will require more mending jobs.
The articles by Hayam Kim and Uk Heo, Jonathan Krieckhaus, and Terence Roehrig in this special issue provide empirical analyses that further elaborate the argument.
As an alternative, the 16-h three apogee (TAP) HEO orbit was proposed, providing similar polar coverage as the Molniya HEO system while minimizing the proton ionizing hazards.
After debuting the HEO program to resounding popularity, Domke says he hopes to bring three additional simulators to the district following a planned expansion at North Pole High School.
However, in the second round, Dinesh was a trifle complacent as he allowed Korean Heo to score a bit more freely.
Scores of local businessmen attended the event, organized by the Korea Association of Machinery and Industry (KOAMI) and hosted locally by the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA),whose Director General, Jin-Woo Heo,was on hand at the meeting.
Bartholomew Heo Keun, director of Seoul archdiocese's Pastoral Center for Alcoholics, told UCA News that the system of Naikan, or introspection, has proven effective in treating alcoholism in Japan.
Businessman Heo Young Joong appealed to the Supreme Court on Tuesday against a high court ruling that found him guilty of defrauding an oil wholesaler of nearly 18 billion yen, despite having his suspended prison term reduced from seven years to six.
Heo also operated a brothel under the guise of the Harvey Pain Clinic in Los Angeles, as well as one in Illinois, according to the affidavit.
Hye Kyung Heo Toronto Evangelical Church of the Word, Toronto
The program Wherever You Are, You're Home was exceptional, and included Leonard Lee's Memoir of a Fortune Cookie Factory (Canada), a valentine to his family's 30-year-old business; Wook Steven Heo spent a day with a hardworking Korean couple in Texas Doughnut Shop; Jane Wong's Dim Sum (A Little Bit of Heart) (U.