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HEPAHigh-Efficiency Particulate Air (filter)
HEPAHealth Enhancing Physical Activity
HEPAHawaii Environmental Policy Act
HEPAHigh Efficiency Particle Attenuation
HEPAHigher Ethylene Polyamines
HEPAHigh Efficiency Particulate Arrestance
HEPAHigh Efficiency Particulate Absorbing (less common)
HEPAHigh-Efficiency Power Amplifier
HEPAHigh Efficiency Particle Arrestor (filter)
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Electrolux's multisurface Intensity lightweight upright features fingertip setting and power controls, a telescopic folding handle and a HEPA filtration system.
A series of power disconnect switches located at the grill, HEPA filter and charcoal filter automatically shut off the power supply if any of these components are removed.
has been a leading manufacturer of innovative and green indoor air quality products including air purifiers, several HEPA air purifiers, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, as well as organic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly odor sprays.
Our BIOAdvantage filters combine the qualities of HEPA filtration with the active MICROBAN(R) antimicrobial technology to create an enhanced particulate barrier.
For hazardous dusts requiring full containment to protect workers and prevent cross-contamination, a user-friendly bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) containment system is available to ensure safe-change at all stages: primary filter, HEPA filter, and dust discharge.
We strongly believe that environmental deep cleaning, meaning not using chemicals and utilizing HEPA standards equipment, is the best way to ensure safeguards all round.
To be effective, the vacuum cleaner must have a HEPA filtration system.
From experimental studies on removal of UFPs by PACs, some technologies, such as HEPA and ESP, are reported to be effective (Waring et al.
2) "Our study is the first that I'm aware of that has shown any measurable health benefit from HEPA filtration in wood-burning communities in relatively young, healthy people," says study leader Ryan Allen, an assistant professor of health sciences at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia.
Each participant's home was monitored for two consecutive seven-day periods, during which time a HEPA filter (Honeywell model 50300) was operated in the main activity room and a quieter HEPA filter (Honeywell 18150) was operated in the participant's bedroom.
Some people find a HEPA air filter and HEPA vacuum help.
A physical partition curtain has been conducted auxiliary around the HEPA filter of an operating room to validate the improvement of air distribution and contamination control.