HEPIHawker Energy Products, Inc. (Warrensburg, MO)
HEPIHigh Explosive Penetrating Incendiary
HEPIHigher Education Policy Institute (UK)
HEPIHeavy Equipment Point of Impact (military paradrop)
HEPIHigher Education Price Index
HEPIHelmel Engineering Products, Inc. (est. 1973; Niagara Falls, NY)
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Jordan brings HEPI the invaluable experience of dealing with both government and corporate America, and in bringing products like ours to market.
Baer, Chairman of HEPI, stated, "I'm very pleased to be working with a distribution company as knowledgeable and experienced as Suarez.
I am impressed with the plan HEPI has put together and with the great opportunities afforded by its technology and business.
For example, during FY1993 to 2013, when HEPI was well below the 50-year average, $1 held at the end of June 1993 was worth less than $0.
Students in the former will pay more - but they will have a better experience, with much more resources devoted to them," HEPI said.
The CPI and HEPI data were taken from the Digest of Educational Statistics (1996), table 38.
Yet, even the HEPI does not measure the big-ticket items that keep college administrators awake at night.
The algae extract is shown to be effective when taken orally administered in liquid form and is stable, not easily degraded and maintains bioactivity in air as well as at room temperature," notes HEPI Chief Scientific Officer, Denis Callewaert, PhD.
HEPI President and CEO Andrew Dahl said the scope of the research project includes: development of a technique to rapidly screen organisms for bioactivity; development of methods for quantification of bioactive compounds; investigating the mode of synthesis for bioactive compounds; mass-culturing organisms that produce bioactive compounds for bovine and canine trials.
HEPI measures eight factors in its calculations: administrative, faculty, and clerical salaries, service employee salaries, fringe benefits, miscellaneous services, supplies and materials, and utilities.
The HEPI report singles out key areas where unemployment rates are highest: jobs in computers top the list with 17% of graduates not in paid work, followed by communications jobs with a 14% level of unemployment.
Vice-Chancellor and chief executive of Northumbria University, Professor Andrew Wathey, said: "This is a substantial piece of research, undertaken by two organisations renowned for the quality of their work, HEPI and the British Library.