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HEPUHigher Education Policy Unit (University of Leeds; UK)
HEPUHydraulic-Electric Power Unit (mobile robots)
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The Jiaozhi Commandery was thus an 'imperial jewel' in the Han era, as documented in the recoveries of the variety of commodities that substantiate that the region was a major production centre for local consumption and export, such as rice and Hepu pearls.
Amenhotep, son of Hepu, 1400BC, was the most revered of the ancient Kemetic philosophers.
The)' include an outstanding early-18th-Dynasty figure of Hepu holding a stick and a 26th-Dynasty figure of a kneeling man with a face that looks almost Buddhist (Fig.
The archeological site of Hepu County, Beihai, was one of the departure ports along the ancient Sea-Bound Silk Road, linking trade between China's coastal region and the Middle East and Europe over 2,000 years ago.
Li Ping, property developer Zhou Kun, Hepu County Vice Magistrate Gan Weiren, and Hong Kong businessman Zhang Jinghai are being tried in separate cases for their involvement in Cheng's activities, Xinhua reported.
After leaving Macau in 1947 Li Tim-Oi served as rector of a church in Hepu, China, until it was closed in 1951.