HERFHigh Energy Radio Frequency
HERFHydrogen Electric Racing Federation (hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle racing)
HERFHazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Fuel
HERFHealth Education and Research Foundation
HERFHigh Energy Radiation Field
HERFHigh Energy Rate Forming of Powdered Metals (forging)
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See also Phillipp Gassert, Amerika im Dritten Reich, Ideologie, Propaganda, Volksmeinung, 1933-194J (Stuttgart: Steiner, 1997), 199-209; Herf, The Jewish Enemy; Weinberg, Hitlers Zweites Buch.
The same control variables as in model (3), with the exception of the HERF concentration index, are used.
In order to position the role of the STEM digital classroom, the following framework will be used to contextualize the role of the HERF within the functions of research, teaching and learning, and service that are relevant to the core business of the university and are shown in Figure 2.
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The Sieh Al Herf site, next to Al Salhiya Road, just off Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road in Ras Al Khaimah, was discovered in October 2012.
That such antisemitic tropes and cliches fuelled the cultural history of Western Europe is indisputable (Ferguson 1988:1-31; Penslar 2001; Nirenberg 2003:202; Wisse 2007; Muller 2010; Karp 2011:96, 105) and their role in Nazi propaganda about Jewish plutocracy has been well documented (compare Herf 2006:66).
Nazi Propaganda for the Arab World, by Jeffrey Herf.
Drawing on the work of historian Jeffrey Herf, (21) Berman points out that the Palestinian leader Amin al-Husseini not only collaborated with the Nazis prior to and during the Second World War, but was also directly involved in the Final Solution (pp.
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Kristin Marting, co-founder and artistic director of New York City's HERF Arts Center, says her organization has adopted a comparable tactic, "connecting audiences directly with artists without the institution being the middleman.
Bud camino hacia Broadway, y lo hizo como una aguja en el heno, consiguio novia y el dia de su matrimonio se suicido lanzandose desde un puente; Ed Thatcher recogio a su esposa en el hospital, llevaba un bebe que podria no ser suyo y luego se toma una cerveza en el bar de la esquina de la Tercera Avenida; los periodicos anuncian la muerte de una madre invalida a manos de su hijo; Congo recoge basura en la cocina de un barco y le preocupa no saber cuanto le cuesta una mujer en Nueva York, Bud busco trabajo y el carnicero le aconsejo; Jimmy Herf es un chico huerfano, dependiente yjuicioso que planea estudiar y lo hace.