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The Gellian scenes with the Platonic philosopher Taurus possibly contain satirical references to the financial position of philosophers, who were dependent on the support of wealthy patrons such as Herodes Atticus.
In Chaucer's tale the child's widowed mother is called "this newe Rachel" (VII: 627), who, apart from being a mother to the people of Israel, was also an epitome of inconsolable motherly grief after the death of children, while the Jews are likened to Herod and referred to as: "cursed folk of Herodes al newe [new Herods]" (VII: 574).
Classic Athens featuring the Dionysus, Amphitheatre Parthenon and Acropolis' The Amphitheatre and "Odeion of Herodes Atticus"' The Parthenon in Athens' The pool at the Athenaeum InterContinental' The Premiere Rooftop Restaurant, Athenaeum InterContinental
Favorinus's circle included the senator Herodes Atticus, and the Lives gives us a fascinating glimpse into this friendship:
In the background you can see the Odeon Herodes Atticus in Greece.
The main venue is the ancient open-air theatre of Herodes Atticus, which makes it special.
Athens Through Sept 29, Athens Festival, Odeon of Herodes Atticus Athens, D Areopagitou St, 301 032 327 71, 301 092 829 33
Although many of new films are shot on location, the fierce political satire La Ley de Herodes (Herod's Law) was partly filmed here.
Among them is the 5,000-seater Roman theatre of Herodes Atticus, built in the year 161 and still being used for open-air concerts.
La Ley de Herodes with Damian Alcazar and Pedro Armendariz, Jr: This winner of nine Ariel Awards tells the fable of a janitor turned Mayor on a little town lost in the Mexican desert in 1949, who gradually realizes how far his new acquainted power and corruption can get him.
Strauss' opera has of course achieved notoriety through its climactic Dance of the Seven Veils, where Salome (one recoils at describing her as the 'heroine') persuades her besotted stepfather Herodes to grant her one wish - the head of John the Baptist.
The Romans added the Odeion of Herodes Atticus around AD 160.