HETFHaudenosaunee Environmental Task Force (New York)
HETFHome Enteral Tube Feeding (medical treatment)
HETFHIV Endemic Task Force (Canada)
HETFHill Engineering Test Facility
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A Matter of Natures ABM air-bursting munition AP armour piercing APDS armour piercing discarding sabot APFSDS armour-piercing, fin stabilised, discarding sabot CTA case-telescoped ammunition DU depleted uranium FAPDS frangible armour piercing discarding sabot HE high explosive HETF high explosive time fuzed SAPHEI semi-armour piercing, high explosive, incendiary -T fitted with a tracer TP target practice
HETF is composed of delegates chosen by each of the Haudenosaunee Nations who are committed to identifying environmental problems in their communities and working to find solutions to these problems.