HETPAHome Equity Theft Prevention Act (New York)
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220) Various amendments to Banking Law sections 6-l and 6-m, RPAPL sections 1303 and 1304, RPL section 265-a, and CPLR section 3408 to be discussed infra, were contained in the same chapters of the New York State Session Laws in 2008, 2009, and 2011, reflecting the inter-relatedness of the provisions of HETPA.
252) Since compliance with other statutes of HETPA, such as RPAPL sections 1303 and 1304, have been held on appeal to be conditions precedent to plaintiffs' recoveries, (253) the same can arguably be said of the requirements of Banking Law sections 6-l and 6-m.
As of this writing, disputed provisions of the Banking Law, as relevant to HETPA, have not reached any appellate court, and the threadbare case law generated pursuant to the statute has to date been limited to trial-level courts.