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HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle
HEVHepatitis E Virus
HEVHigh Endothelial Venules
HeVHendra Virus
HEVHazardous Environment (Half-Life game)
HEVHemagglutinating Encephalomyelitis Virus
HEVHuman Entry Vehicle (gaming drop pod in, Halo)
HEVHemorrhagic Enteritis Virus
HEVHealth & Environment
HEVHemorrhagic Endovasculitis
HEVHelyi Érdekû Vasút (suburban railway, Budapest, Hungary)
HEVHazardous Environment Vehicle (gaming)
HEVHigh-End Visualization
HEVHigh Entertainment Value
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Based on studies showing that exposure to HEV light over time may contribute to premature aging, sunspots, and possibly disease, Liposhield was formulated for use in daily wear moisturizing creams and lotions, anti-aging treatment products, sunscreen products, and foundation makeups.
HEV is believed to meet the consumers' needs in terms of cost, performance, and convenience while perceptions of BEV show lacking confidence in BEV's technical maturity.
These nine cases were similar to those with no evidence of HEV infection in initial and peak serum bilirubin levels, alanine aminotransferase levels, alkaline phosphatase levels, the distribution pattern of serum enzyme elevations, and liver damage severity scores.
By 2005, the coincidence of acute pancreatitis with HEV was well documented, along with similar organ involvement in Hepatitis A and B cases.
HEV is spread via the faecal-oral route and transmitted through water or raw food contaminated with faeces (1).
Putting Tribute HEV prototypes into the hands of the Southland fire agencies also benefits Mazda.
is currently manufacturing the Cougar HEV for allied nations while also manufacturing a larger HEV called the Buffalo for the U.
According to Mishiro, HEV was detected in a blood sample.
Significant interlesional relationships are apparent between HEV and coexistent lesions that reflect abnormalities of placental tissue or fetal-placental blood flow.
At 240 HP, the HEV can travel as fast as a conventional truck.
For the near future, the combination of a gas engine and an electric motor may make the HEV the best of both worlds.