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HEVCHawkesbury Equine Veterinary Centre (Australia)
HEVCHybrid Electric Vehicle Center (University of California, Davis)
HEVCHigh-Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner
HEVCHigher Education Virtual Community
HEVCHybrid Electric Vehicle Controller
HEVCHigher Education Video Consortium (UK)
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He continues: "A likely nearterm development is the deployment of HEVC into low-latency, live broadcast environment, as well as a rise in the adoption of HEVC into 4K/UHD environments for non-portable applications.
The introduction of HEVC and HEIF at this point might be an indication of the upcoming iPhone 8's camera.
The DF module is relatively independent of the other HEVC modules, and is therefore suitable for parallel processing.
We will be using HEVC to offer 4K content in the first half.
Ace Thought's HEVC video decoder for x86 processors enables 60fps playback of 4K resolution content on quad-core x86 processors.
Our customers need to build support for HEVC into their silicon today, and we are making it easy for them to do that by providing the industry's first complete IP cores with 10-bit colour depth support throughout.
NEC will continue conducting research and development in support of HEVC related technologies as it proactively pursues the expansion of its broadcasting and communications businesses.
Up to four VEGA-3318 accelerators can be integrated into a 1U server to deliver up to 32 x 4Kp60 live HEVC profiles per rack unit -- the highest density available in the market.
264) bandwidths, it is possible to get a higher-quality video image if HEVC is used.
VITEC , the French company specializing in advanced video encoding and streaming solutions, is ready to roll out the next generation of the HEVC Gen2 codec for the MGW Ace 4:2:2 10-bit HEVC encoder and MGW Ace decoder solution.
xG Technology announced that its Vislink business has received orders worth approximately $1 million for its HCAM HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) 4K Wireless Camera Systems for deployment in China.
HEVC significantly outperforms previous standards such as MPEG-2, MPEG-4 Part 2 and H.