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HEXEHigh Energy X-Ray Experiment
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E wie kommt das denn, dass die Hexe da rauffahren kann?
5, 17; Manfred Tschaikner, "Also schlecht ist das Weib von Natur: Grundsatzliches zur Rolle der Frau in den Vorarlberger Hexenverfolgungen," in: Hexe oder Hausfrau: Das Bild der Frau in der Geschichte Vorarlbergs, ed.
Hexe, which belongs to the MPIFEP and the University of Tubingen, is not sensitive to these low-energy X-rays.
To celebrate the start of the summer holidays the centre will be transformed into a magical world of hexes, beasts and wands for a day.
Smith who writes of many unusual characters who face their fears of the world, voodoo hexes, troubled family members, and those who would do what they can to save them all.
Gavin admits it would be an understatement to say that the sticksman was gutted, but the singer pays tribute to the drummer who quickly found two replacements - Philip Jenkins from Kids In Glass Houses and Thomas Winch from Hexes - to take his seat behind the skins during the recording of the album.
The 15-ton horizontal broaching machine is capable of broaching splines, hexes, and keyways.
2 CNC Grinding system can produce wires with tapers, flats, hexes, and virtually any shape required and can grind wire down to 0.
But then their computerised checkout machines, so well stocked with notes and coins, fail every ten customers, leaving people standing in lines for ages while a manager mutters hexes and takes a screwdriver to the printer.
At one point, a character speaks of American beliefs in magic, particularly the hexes practiced by the Pennsylvania Dutch--one might recall that the novel is set in 1929 (Ch.
Although tourism and TV have spun zombie hexes into a cartoonish portrayal of a belief system, when stripped to its genuine roots, "voodoo is actually one of the most welcoming religions for gays, lesbians, and transgender people," says Harrison Setzler, an artist from Greer, S.
She makes it easy to believe in witchery, hexes and signs, and all that goes with them.