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HEXEHigh Energy X-Ray Experiment
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E wie kommt das denn, dass die Hexe da rauffahren kann?
5, 17; Manfred Tschaikner, "Also schlecht ist das Weib von Natur: Grundsatzliches zur Rolle der Frau in den Vorarlberger Hexenverfolgungen," in: Hexe oder Hausfrau: Das Bild der Frau in der Geschichte Vorarlbergs, ed.
Hexe, which belongs to the MPIFEP and the University of Tubingen, is not sensitive to these low-energy X-rays.
There's a Mini-Maxi Hexe event a week earlier, for parent-child teams.
Two special members of the Hong Kong Police Force, Hexe and Barry , were VIC guests at the launch of the 2013 MTR Crime Prevention Campaign today (26 September 2013) VIC stands for Very Important Canine.
Von der Hexe zur Hysterikerin: Zur Verfestigungsgeschichte des "Ewig Weiblichen.
Claus himself; saving a date to get swanky at the races at St Moritz's White Turf; checking out Halloween meets Christmas at the Belalp Hexe ski race featuring competitors dressed up like witches; drinking a gluhwein at Grindelwald's larger-than-life ice sculpture festival; getting tipsy on Zurich's Expovina wine boats; or exploring Basel's old town Christmas market.
Luchterhand, 1991), hereafter Der Schone, and 'Nekromantie im Marx-Engels-Auditorium', in Die Hexe im Landhaus.
Despite this, there are some outstanding contributions, including for instance Jean Bollack's study of modernity in Hofmannsthal's Oedipus plays with reference back to Peladan, Hartung, and Willebrandt; Else Dengel-Pelloquin's elegant comparison of body language and modernity in Der Kaiser und die Hexe and Maeterlinck's Pelleas et Melisande; Gerhard Neumann's study of Hofmannsthal's poetology in 1902 (Chandos Letter) and 1907 ('Wege und Begegnungen') seen through the eyes of Botho Strauss's concept of 'Beginnlosigkeit'.
His father returned from the war enraged, and Roy spent as much time away from the argument-filled home as possible, often in the company of his wolf dog, Hexe.
Friday features Hexes, Woody Goss, Sidewalk Chalk, Chicago Loud 9, Astro Samurai, Deep Fayed and Larry Miller; Saturday's lineup is VERSE, DJ noDJ, Knower, Bifunkal, Bronson Rock, O.
Just read Sally Quinn's tales of murderous hexes in her recent memoir to recall how old-fashioned in their magical thinking the New Age's devotees could become.