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HFEHuman Factors Engineering
HFEHydrofluoroether (cleaning solvent)
HFEHeavy Fuel Engine (unmanned aerial vehicles)
HFEHuman Factors in Electronics
HFEHope For Europe
HFEHorizontal Fiscal Equalisation
HFEHeat Flow Experiment
HFEForward Current Gain
HFEHuman Failure Event
HFEHelmholtz Free Energy
HFEHardware Forwarding Engine (Cisco)
HFEHigh Fuel Economy
HFEHandicap FormEduc (Louga, Senegal)
HFEHeavy Front Engine
HFEHigh Frequency Engineering
HFEHerschend Family Entertainment Corporation (theme parks; Norcross, GA)
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Our central concerns in this context are to undertake a critical investigation into the process of placing Central Darling Shire into Administration for such an extended period, and to query the public reasons for so doing against the backdrop of Australia's fiscal federalism generally and the regime of transfers designed to accomplish HFE in particular.
La HFE tiene afinidad principalmente por la Tf diferrica, sin embargo en ausencia de Tf diferrica puede unir al dominio helicoidal del TfR1 con cada subunidad; no obstante, es posible que en presencia de la Tf diferrica, se forme un complejo ternario junto con la TfR1 o TfR2 y el HFE; esta competencia entre las proteinas por la union al TfR1, reduce la afinidad del receptor por la Tf saturada, y produce cambios en la absorcion de hierro, especificamente en la liberacion de hierro en el endosoma, puesto que a pH acido, por debajo de 6.
The states of NSW, Queensland and Victoria which form the focus of our enquiry into road grant HFE have been selected on the basis that they (a) are the most populous jurisdictions in Australia representing a combined 77% of the nation's population; (b) have all undergone major structural reform to local government through forced mergers (Local Government Reform Commission (LGRC) 2007, Independent Local Government Review Panel (ILGRP) 2013); (c) account for a combined 73% of total Australian national income (ABS 2013).
Iron stores and HFE genotypes are not related to increased risk of first-time myocardial infarction: a prospective nested case-referent study.
Ram, a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobile, has announced the fuel efficiency figures for its 2015 1500 EcoDiesel pickup truck, called the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel HFE.
The objectives of this study were to determine the characteristics of the Puerto Rico Hispanic Veteran population with iron overload in terms of demographic features, clinical manifestations, and hemochromatosis-associated mutations, and compare such characteristics in patients with and without HFE mutations.
In mice with HFE -/- hemochromatosis, daily administration of purified hepcidin for two months normalized serum iron levels.
However, the HFE Act includes the provision for the Secretary of State to make provisions for this to be permitted in the future.
HFE focuses on hazard scenarios related to device failures as well as use failures.
The transcription of hepcidin mRNA is controlled by signaling pathways initiated by several proteins, including hereditary hemochromatosis protein HFE, transferrin receptor 2, and hemojuvelin.
Because HH is an autosomal recessive condition, carriers do not have the condition themselves (the single normal gene essentially balances the defective HFE gene).
Described by John Smeaton, national director of the Society for Protection and Unborn Children (SPUC) as "grisly" and by Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien as indicative of "the forces of darkness (which) have distorted the laws and consciences" of the nation, HFE is not the only manifestation of moral disintegration of Britain.