HFRAHealthy Forests Restoration Act
HFRAHealthy Forest Restoration Act
HFRAHome Fire Risk Assessment (UK)
HFRAHaringey Federation of Residents Associations (UK)
HFRAHigh Frequency Recovery Antenna
HFRAHigh-Frequency Rotational Angioplasty (cardiology)
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180) HFRA also allows a categorical exclusion for "hazardous fuel
But not only does HFRA not protect communities from wildfire, it gives the public a false sense of security, resulting in millions of homeowners ignoring fire-wise precautions, putting their homes and lives at risk.
The research also found out that the HFRA checks have reduced the number of fire deaths from more than 20 in 1999 to nine last year.
A key component of HFRA is to streamline the administrative appeals process and court challenges to fire-prevention strategies on up to 20 million acres of forest near residential communities, municipal water supplies, areas with threatened or endangered species, and areas where trees are infected with certain insects.
HFRA should be passed this summer before more forested acres, wildlife habitat and watersheds are destroyed by insect infestations, disease outbreaks and catastrophic wildfires.
In testimony before a Senate Agriculture Committee oversight hearing on HFRA, we focused on the importance of local collaborative processes to plan, prioritize, and implement hazardous fuel-reduction projects around communities that face wildfire threats.
The proposed posts would last for 12 months and will be filled exclusively by women because male firefighters have faced problems gaining access to some Muslim households to carry out HFRAs.
Healthy Forests Initiative, the HFRA has not only altered the legal
The HFRA contains six titles that outline federal directives for fuel reduction, research to improve biomass use, training, rural revitalization, and biomass utilization commercialization grants.
That's appropriate, given that the HFRA is the most significant piece of forestry legislation to pass Congress in a long time.
At the start of Fire Safety Week the fire service want more people to take advantage of the four-year HFRA project which started in January 2000.
the HFRA was the culmination of years of effort to pass comprehensive