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HGSILHigh-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion (oncology, gynecology)
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Abnormal cervical cytology distribution Cytology result Frequency Percent ASC-H 5 3 ASCUS 103 62 Atypical glandular cells 6 4 HGSIL 8 5 LGSIL 44 27 Total 166 100 Table 3.
If cytology at this first year of follow-up of the original ASC-US or LGSIL is HGSIL or greater, colposcopy should be done.
In contrast, 19 women in the usual-care group had Pap smear diagnoses of HGSIL or AGUS, but follow-up treatment was initiated by only 10 of these women (53%).
Sixteen women in the single-visit group had Pap smears that were diagnosed as HGSIL or AGUS.