HHASHi-Hat Appreciation Society (Europe)
HHASHertfordshire Hearing Advisory Service (UK)
HHASHumane Haven Animal Shelter (Bolingbrook, IL)
HHASHistoric Houses Association for Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
HHASHypothalamo-Hypophyseal-Adrenal System
HHASHypothalamo-Hypophyseal-Adrenocortical System
HHASHypothalamo-Hypophyseal Antidiuretic System
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Severe Medicaid utilization restrictions in many states on SNC and the services provided by HHAS may make it difficult to provide home care to Medicaid patients with physical disabilities, with the only alternative institutionalization.
While the proposed PPS would be an improvement over the current payment system, says Scott Lara, director of governmental affairs for the Home Care Association of America, elimination of the PIP and the split in payment could cause cash flow problems for HHAS.