HHBEHip Hop Banner Exchange (Hip Hop-oriented online advertising network)
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teaching White teachers how to use HHBE with predominantly White student
that stressed the intellectual legitimacy of HHBE and other forms of
students of HHBE, and by extension he shifted his pedagogy to meet the
teaching and learning, it is particularly integral to HHBE because
use of technology in HHBE is paramount, especially for preparing
workshop that modeled more accurately what HHBE could look like in the
issue of how to use HHBE, a strategy that is central to hip-hop-based
fitting to prepare teachers to effectively use HHBE.
about the viability of HHBE due to the content of hip-hop texts, as well
learning HHBE, respondents identified Internet access and content
expressed concern about how they could integrate HHBE in their lessons,
teachers' willingness and ability to employ HHBE in their