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HHGHousehold Goods
HHGHeinrich Heine Gymnasium (German; various locations)
HHGHigh Harmonic Generation (laser frequency conversion)
HHGHitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)
HHGHoly Hand Grenade
HHGHuntington Municipal Airport (Huntington, IN)
HHGHumco Holding Group, Inc. (Texarkana, TX)
HHGHypergonadotropic Hypogonadism
HHGHirners Hotel Guide (directory)
HHGH. H. Gregg Appliances Inc.
HHGHeadquarters and Headquarters Group
HHGHot Hide Glue (woodworking)
HHGHitchhiker G1 (project carrier, space shuttle)
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In addition to the HHG webinar schedule, NAVSUP GLS is offering customized webinars for individual commands which have 20 or more Sailors moving within the same three to six month window through the rest of the calendar year.
HHG will continue to be led by George Stapleton, who has been named Regional president.
George Stapleton, named regional president, will continue to lead HHG.
Las caracteristicas ontogenicas del generador pulsatil en el hipotalamo humano pueden secuenciarse desde la vida fetal, seguida por la funcion continua del eje HHG en la lactancia temprana y posterior amortiguacion progresiva de la oscilacion de la GnRH durante la lactancia tardia.
She was a partner at HHG, where she worked for almost twenty years.
took HHS (706); Daniel, HHG (268);Terry Rock, HSS (520); and Daniel, HSG (214).
Navy members can perform different types of HHG shipments under most PCS orders such as personally procured "do-it-yourself" moves and government-arranged household goods, unaccompanied baggage and nontemporary (long-term) storage shipments.
The North American operations of Sunrise Medical HHG Inc.
It began life in 1995 as Virgin Direct, a joint venture between Sir Richard Branson and Norwich Union, followed by HHG until 2004, when Virgin bought out its Australian partner.
The results and conclusions of the HHG survey mirror those from the NBES.
Savenije HHG (2004) The importance of interception and why we should delete the term evapotranspiration from our vocabulary.