HHPNHydraulic High Pressure Nebulization
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PRTI is in the process of acquiring up to 100% of HHPN Development Corporation of San Diego, CA, the private software Development Company that created XLiRAD to address the growing market need for the development and deployment of multi-platform, dynamic web pages.
PRTI has acquired the rights to purchase up to 100% of HHPN Development Corp.
HHPN has recently executed agreements with Sun-Microsystems (Nasdaq:SUNW) and has now been approved for their Sun Developer Connection(sm), which is a marketing program that will enable us to leverage our resources and improve our sales potential by teaming up with Sun to participate in high visibility co-marketing and co-selling opportunities worldwide.
HHPN provides several example modules that have been built using this API including an email interface and a module that provides credit-card authorization.
HHPN has created some very innovative techniques for rendering sophisticated interfaces (such as hierarchies) using standard HTML.
OTCBB:PRTI) today announced that it has exercised its option to purchase 50% of HHPN Development Corporation, with operations in San Diego, CA, from developers John Carter and Ted Strout for a total of $2,500,000.
The Company has a further two years to exercise its option to purchase the remaining 50% of HHPN for an additional $175,000,000.