HHQIHome Health Quality Improvement (2007-2008)
HHQIHome Health Quality Initiative
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Although they theoretically could influence patient outcomes, public reporting under the HHQI program is designed to report outcomes for agencies in the same geographic area, primarily the same county or ZIP Code, although outcomes can be generated for all agencies in a State (U.
All of the data needed to replicate the risk-adjustment models employed in OBQI and HHQI at the time of the study were included on the files.
Preliminary data analyses included replication of current risk-adjustment models for the 11 HHQI outcomes at the time the study began and development of alternative models for these outcomes.
A total of six models was estimated for each of the initial 11 HHQI outcomes.
There are no directly related, conceptually important prior health status risk adjusters for four HHQI outcomes (i.
We followed the current HHQI approach which is not to estimate or report an outcome for an agency if it has fewer than 20 episodes with the potential to have an outcome.
Identify episodes where patients have the potential to have an outcome; for the seven health status measures reported in HHQI, this is the subset of episodes ending with discharge to the community where patients can improve their status from baseline (i.
Adjust the agency mean so that agencies can be compared to the national average for an outcome using the CMS formula for HHQI reports, as developed by the
The following statistics then were estimated for each of the 10 HHQI outcomes:
Led by HHQI, the ME Forum will be held from May 13 to 15 at Qatar National Convention Centre and reinforces the partnership between HMC and the US-based Institute for Healthcare Improvement, a not-for-profit organisation that is a leading innovator in health and healthcare improvement worldwide.
The collaboration between IHI and HHQI enables us to inspire and generate ideas and energy for improvement and innovation.
Innovation and leadership in healthcare improvement is already well established within HMC and supported by the HHQI as part of its commitment to developing capacity and capability in quality improvement and patient safety.