HHRPHHastings Human Rights Project for Haiti (est. 2004)
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Laying the book on a table, he withdrew in high spirits to make arrangements for the wedding.
Grandmother was in high spirits during the weeks that Antonia worked for us.
He seems in high spirits and happy,' she said, at length.
He was in an excellent humor, in high spirits, and very talkative.
He was waited upon over the factory, shown the machinery by George, who, in high spirits, talked so fluently, held himself so erect, looked so handsome and manly, that his master began to feel an uneasy consciousness of inferiority.
Then they were all delighted and in high spirits, took out their whip, and cracked so much money that it came jumping up from the ground.
Every one appeared in high spirits, and the group of nearly naked figures, viewed by the light of the blazing fires, all moving in hideous harmony, formed a perfect display of a festival amongst the lowest barbarians.
accompanied by his officers, entered the hut, in high spirits at the prospect of a change.
Your daughter is in HIGH SPIRITS to-night," observed a single lady of a certain age, who was sitting near Mrs.
My girl was in high spirits, and I saw she had something to say to me.
The free trappers, being newly rigged out and supplied, were in high spirits, and swaggered gayly about the camp.
She went away in high spirits as soon as she had given Mary her breakfast.