HHSANHip-Hop Summit Action Network
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The HHSAN is backing Jones' art and her right to it, and it should be noted that the song in question, "Your Revolution," distinguishes itself from other hip-hop songs because it is a spoken-word piece that uses references from male rap lyrics to denounce misogyny and the degradation of women in a lot of popular hip-hop songs.
According to West Coast radio personality (and HHSAN member) Davey D, "The fact that they came after Sarah Jones' song which spoke to the type of rampant indecencies often aired on mainstream, commercial radio seemed to suggest that the FCC had a double standard.
Minister Muhammad says the HHSAN is currently investigating the possibility of filing its own legal action to back Jones' against the FCC, and is looking into other options as well, including further talks with FCC's head, Michael Powell, who Simmons had invited to the Hip-Hop Summit in New York last June.