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HHVHuman Herpes Virus
HHVHigher Heating Value
HHVHilton Hawaiian Village
HHVHelp Hospitalized Veterans (Winchester, CA)
HHVHigh Heating Value
HHVHydraulic Hybrid Vehicle (fuel economy)
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HHV President & CEO Mike Lynch returned to Landstuhl in 2009 to present a $200,000 check to base commander Colonel John M.
He added that controversy exists as to whether HHV 6 and 7 cause PR, because older diagnostic methods detected only the presence of HHV DNA, rather than viral load.
Table 5 shows the results of HHV and AL obtained for three samples of pie as result from oil extraction of Tung's oil.
This is also the problem for biomass higher heating value (HHV) estimates, because all existing models to predict the HHV of woody biomass use independent variables such as fixed carbon content, volatile matter content, and ash content, which all require additional testing (Iyer et al.
The inventory of printed materials produced and delivered to the nonprofit prior to termination of the contract is owned by HHV, he argued.
Hastalarda HHV titresindeki artis ve pik duzeyine ulasma ilac reaksiyonunun baslangicindan 10-27 gun sonra tespit edilir (21).
The third plant may require an investment of Rs 200-300 crore and HHV was open to taking in a foreign equity partner for it or an investor in its existing plant.
30 June 2011 - Rating agency CRISIL yesterday downgraded the rating on two loans of Indian solar modules maker HHV Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd to D from C.
En la Tabla 4 se puede observar un aumento en la eficiencia a medida que aumenta el valor de la ER, esto se debe principalmente a que el HHV de los gases tambien aumenta con incrementos en la ER; del mismo modo, se puede observar una leve disminucion de la eficiencia a medida que aumenta el valor de SF.
Since its inception, HHV has delivered more than 25 million kits, along with other products and services, valued at (including shipping) $410 million.
Traditionally, efficiency of internal combustion engines such as gas turbines has been based on LHV, while that of steam power plants has been based on HHV.
Titebond 50 HHV has an even higher viscosity of 19,000 to 21,000 cps and is drip-free.