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HHVHuman Herpes Virus
HHVHigher Heating Value
HHVHilton Hawaiian Village
HHVHelp Hospitalized Veterans (Winchester, CA)
HHVHigh Heating Value
HHVHydraulic Hybrid Vehicle (fuel economy)
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Figure 4 shows approximate HHV contours for the area east of the gas maturation limit line.
The inventory of printed materials produced and delivered to the nonprofit prior to termination of the contract is owned by HHV, he argued.
Hastalarda HHV titresindeki artis ve pik duzeyine ulasma ilac reaksiyonunun baslangicindan 10-27 gun sonra tespit edilir (21).
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of air-drying on biomass MC and HHV over field storage as well as to evaluate the impact of different positions within a pile, biomass pile sizes, and weather conditions on biomass moisture change.
HHV provides over 350 different kits, including leather items, sun-catchers, paint-by-numbers, latch-hook rugs, poster art, plastic and wood models/crafts, and many more.
If HHV reaches this goal, Reckson will consider offering an additional $30,000 bringing the company's overall gift to $100,000.
For more than 40 years, HHV, a nonprofit organization founded during the Vietnam War, has supplied therapeutic arts-and-crafts kits free of charge to veterans, military personnel and their families.
As the California litigation drew to a close, HHV commenced "wholesale revitalizing of key personnel and contractual relationships" and initiated a competitive biding process with direct mail service providers, including two from current providers, ATA and CDR Fundraising Group (CDR) in Bowie, Md.
Reduction in water content was a factor in the increase in HHV for the treated LBF bio-oils in addition to the creation of esters in the bio-oil as a result of the esterification process.
However, studies thus far have failed to demonstrate a relationship between Kikuchi's disease and either HHV or EBV.