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HHV8Human Herpes Virus 8 (causative agent of Kaposi''s sarcoma)
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For a PEL diagnosis, concomitant infection with HHV8 must be documented.
The identification and localization of HHV8 within KS lesional cells by using LNA-1 is the most diagnostically helpful immunostaining technique available to differentiate KS from its mimics.
Moore's team has uncovered several potential cancer-causing genes in the HHV8 genome.
There is accumulating evidence that HHV8 is directly lymphomagenic.
Rinaldo showed that people who are infected with HIV have a poor immune response to HHV8, which he says is likely the reason they are at high risk of contracting KS.
This occurs because HIV both promotes HHV8 replication indirectly by impairing host immunity, and also plays a direct role in KS tumorigenesis through the production of cytokines and the HIV-1 transcriptional transactivator (Tat) protein.
Nevertheless, these preliminary findings suggest that FDG PET-CT may assist in the monitoring of disease activity in MCD along with the familiar clinical and laboratory tools and the more recently introduced plasma HHV8 DNA viral load measurement [24,25].
In 2004, commercially available monoclonal antibodies directed against HHV8 became available for IHC on formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue.
Human herpesvirus 8 plasmablastic lymphoma occurs worldwide, more commonly in patients with HIV-associated HHV8 MCD and less commonly in [HIV.
5-8) In rare instances, PEL can affect elderly individuals who are otherwise immunocompetent but live in geographic areas with high HHV8 prevalence, such as the Mediterranean region; these cases may be EBV negative.
About Kaposi's Sarcoma (KS) KS is a form of cancer that develops typically from exposure to the HHV8 virus, a type of Herpes simplex virus.