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HIAGHolzverkohlungs-Industrie AG Konstanz (German industrial company; Constance, Germany)
HIAGHilfsgemeinschaft auf Gegenseitigkeit der Soldaten Der Ehemaligen Waffen-SS (organization of former military-SS members; until 1992)
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Its members most certainly were not "soldiers like all others," as Paul "Papa" Hausser, frequently styled as the "father of the Waffen-SS" and a HIAG campaigner after the war, claimed.
Through the purchase, HIAG Immobilien adds more than half of the Charm Nord site to its portfolio, already owning the rest of the land prior to the deal.
I am very keen to network with other like-minded people and hope that my energy and enthusiasm will help to encourage other members to become involved with the HIAG.
NHS Stockton-on-Tees school nurse Denise Hopkins has taken up post as the new School Nurse Forum chair, while the position of HIAG chair is still open.
The HIAG was really pleased with the number of responses this year and thanks all those who took the time to respond.