HIARCHazard Identification Assessment Review Committee (Environmental Protection Agency, US)
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Our HIARC staff help hearing impaired children in class so they can do their work and be a part of the class.
At times hearing impaired pupils have lessons in the HIARC to help them learn because it is quieter.
Broadwood Primary school and our HIARC are unique places where everyone is valued and can enjoy their learning.
10 attributes in HIARC [Gensch & Svestka, 1979]; 16, 21 and 24 attributes in MLH [Gensch & Svestka, 1984]).
Empirical evidence of the MLH's predictive performance has been encouraging: The model has shown a higher predictive accuracy than either pure chance or its predecessor HIARC (Gensch & Svestka, 1979).
HIARC provides scalable, high-availability automated data-management solutions for Linux and Solaris platforms.
Currently ADL products will be supported by leading software suppliers in the network computing arena, including Automated Network Technologies and HIARC with sophisticated Hierarchical Storage Management products for UNIX, and Workstation Solutions and Chevry with client-server UNIX backup solutions.
The company said it intends to package SLA libraries with leading software products -- such as HIARC Inc.