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HIFIHigh Fidelity
HIFIHypertext Interface for Information
HIFIHypertext Interface for Information (Esprit)
HIFIHotel Investment Forum India (conference)
HIFIHull International Fisheries Institute (est. 1989; University of Hull; Hull, England, UK)
HIFIHeterodyne Instrument for FIRST (Far-Infra-Red and Sub-Millimeter Telescope)
HIFIHigh Fire Performance Wood Products (European manufacturers)
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Weve designed the HiFi 3z DSP to efficiently support these new audio and voice compute requirements.
Members of the Residents Against HiFi group say they will be doing all that they can to stop it from coming back to Matfen.
We sell 800 or 900 homes a year through our design center," says Kelley, who adds that the arrangement with Orleans lets HiFi House get in front of buyers who wouldn't normally be available to them.
HiFi, short for "high fiber," also has very good agronomic properties and excellent disease resistance, he adds, "but it hasn't been grown very much as an 'ordinary' oat" since certified seed was released to area farmers a few years ago.
q SATURDAY Leeds, HiFi Club ( MATT BLAIZE + Die Clatterschenkenfietermaus + Dom Woodward; Manchester, Jongleurs ( ALFIE JOEY + Stefano Paolini + Craig Hill + Jason-John Whitehead
Breeder seed of HiFi was produced in 1999 by roguing off-type plants from an [F.
It has also announced home servers which can pull music and video from the net and transport it to the TVs and hifi sets which consumers already have in their homes.
At its 1965 beginning, HiFi manufactured jute felts for polyvinyl-coated (PVC) floors, but the company eventually shifted its focus to the spunlace and needlepunch markets as executives saw more growth and end use potential in these areas.
Tweeter, based here, has been in acquisition mode since May 1996, when it acquired the Philadelphia-based Bryn Mawr, which rounded out its Northeast presence, and then Atlanta-based HiFi Buys, which brought it into the mid-Atlantic.
For more information on the Tensilica HiFi DSP family, visit http://www.
Mungo's HiFi Walk n' Skank is at The Art School in Glasgow on Saturday for Spook and Skank with Mungo's HiFi, Stalawa Sound, Breezak, Chungo Bungo and more.