HIFXHalewood International Foreign Exchange
HIFXHigh Energy Flash X-Ray
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HIFX advises bargain hunters to do their festive shopping in Germany or Sweden.
The HIFX figures are based on a current exchange rate of 1.
Sweeney adds: "Celtic has been requested to pay the entire transfer fee to an account held in the name of HIFX Ltd at Barclays Bank plc as per attached invoice.
BRITISH citizens living abroad could be wasting over pounds 300m a year when claiming their pensions due to unnecessary bank charges and fluctuating exchange rates, says the foreign exchange broker HIFX.
HIFX claims its regular payment service for Britons living abroad avoids these charges.
More than two-thirds of people would like to buy a property abroad, with the majority keen to escape the British weather, according to foreign exchange specialist HIFX.
Mark Bodega, marketing director of HIFX, said: "There has been a shift from a second home being regarded as a luxury to it being something attainable by most people.
HIFX Plc (Halewood International Foreign Exchange), which is based in Windsor, has appointed the agency to undertake business and consumer media relations and to facilitate relationships with broadcast media.
HIFX was established in 1998 and achieved sales growth of over 100 per cent over the last two years.
Cur rency exchange companies, such as HIFX and Currencies Direct, make their money on the exchange rate when you do a currency deal.
Alex Wright, of currency broker HIFX, said: "It's always worth considering the currency value of the country you are planning to visit if you intend on spending a large amount.