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tax assistance occurred in the summer of 1997, when two of the leaders of HIID were accused of violating the conflict-of-interest rules imposed by the U.
Geography", Economic Policy and Regional Development, HIID Discussion Paper num.
In this way, in the first phase, at least, the transition to capitalism has not been as traumatic as the shock therapy model Sachs' HIID and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) imposed on Russia.
Both visibly and behind the scenes, HIID was active in setting up, advising, supporting, staffing, and lobbying for funding on behalf of the St.
Thus it is not surprising that, against the backdrop of Russia's Klondike capitalism, key HIID advisers exploited their intimate ties with Chubais and the Russian government and were allegedly able to conduct business activities for their own enrichment.
assistance to Chubais continued even after he was dismissed by Yeltsin as first deputy prime minister in January 1996; Chubais was placed on the HIID payroll.
The views expressed in this paper are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of HIID, the World Bank or any of the World Bank's member governments.
New Evidence from Flagship Programs in Bangladesh", Departamento de Economia y HIID (Harvard University) y Hoover Institution (Stanford University), mimeografiado, junio.
205), but I have trouble understanding this since, provided it were not, yet another, caricature, ethnography is essentially the branch of anthropology dealing descriptively with specific cultures, especially those of nonliterate peoples or groups; a backdrop to the interviews conducted with a long list of names and affiliations; and a description of the major groups of players at Harvard or connected with HIID, the Chubais clan, the bankers, and various government and private institutions.
Rethinking the Role of Government: A Frame for Coping With Globalization, Proceedings of the HIID Development Discussion Paper (DDPs # 692), Harvard Institute for International Development, Harvard University (HIID), Cambridge, USA, April 1999.
Black--Room 116, HIID, One Eliot Street, Cambridge, M.
Black--Room 116, HIID One Eliot Street, CAMBRIDGE, M.