HINCHaskell Indian Nations College (Lawrence, KS)
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Adding equations (El5) and (El6) provides ANFLH + ANFLG = I--HINC + APC HINC + G--INC.
HINC is at the vanguard of companies who will lead the world to using the next standard in Web addresses and the first to recognize the opportunity surrounding Keywords.
HINC and RealNames have been working very closely over the past six weeks to finalize this agreement and get the HINC Registry up and running," said Keith Teare, CEO of RealNames.
Hyangjae Park, CEO of HINC, said, "HINC is proud to play a leading role in introducing the Keyword Web addressing system to Korea, and believes there is a huge business opportunity in getting in early on the next wave of Web addresses.
The fact that HINC was able to register 30,000 Keywords in only eight weeks is clear validation of the market's need for such a service," said Jihoon Kim, vice president of business development at RealNames.
As the sole provider of Internet Keyword Web addresses in Korea, HINC will provide Korean businesses with the ability to use their brand and product names in the Korean character set as their Web address.
In its first day of operation, HINC accepted reservations for close to 4,000 Korean Internet Keywords at US $100 each, demonstrating the keen interest businesses have in the benefits of the Internet Keyword system.
We are proud to partner with HINC who understood early on the differentiation of Internet Keywords and their impact on the future of the Internet for Korean users.
Hyangjae Park, CEO of HINC, said, "As the registry of Internet Keywords, HINC will play a key role in successfully implementing the RealNames technology and developing marketing strategies for Korean companies.