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HIPOTHigh Potential
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The ethernet modules feature 15kV ESD, 2kV HiPot and 2kV surge protection preventing electrical damage to the system and connected components from potential differences or dirty electrical conditions while maintaining signal integrity.
While some tests like hipot and ground continuity or ground bond tests are run on 100% of production, there are other tests that are conducted periodically.
The Signature 1100H+ hipot cable tester features a large display with a simple, menudriven user interface.
The HIPOT rating from primaries to secondaries is 4,500 VRMS.
The Synor 5000P is a self-contained cable tester that operates from 2V to 4000VAC or 5500VDC with built-in hipot, insulation resistance, continuity, and ground bond test capability.
Tenders are invited for supply, installation and commissioning of advanced compact hipot tester ac/dc, 80kv
Supplying all the heat required for a hypothermia blanket application in just a 25 mm square footprint, the ULTRA-MIC heater passes the required 4,000 VAC hipot test requirement, which eliminates the need for isolation transformers in the system.
Five new models in the OMNIA II line of electrical safety compliance analyzers include Model 8254, a 4-in-l electrical safety compliance analyzer that performs AC hipot (500 VA), DC hipot, 40-A ground bond, and insulation resistance testing; Model 8206, a 6-in-1 analyzer that performs AC hipot, DC hipot, 40-A ground bond, insulation resistance, functional run, and line leakage testing; Model 8256, which adds 500-VA test functionality to model 8206; Model 8207, a 7-in-l instrument that performs AC hipot, DC hipot, 40-A ground bond, insulation resistance, functional run, and line leakage testing while adding a built-in 500-VA AC power source; and Model 8257, which adds 500-VA test functionality to the 8207.
Like their predecessors, these analyzers also conduct winding resistance, megohm, DC HiPot, surge tests and DC bar-to-bar armature tests.
com)-- Dynalab Test Systems is pleased to announce the availability of NX Hipot Wire Harness Testers capable of testing with either AC or DC voltage.
Tenders invited for Hipot and electrical safety tester along with accessories
Specialized testers support hipot up to 5,000 V and understandably emphasize operator safety.