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HiPPOHighest Paid Person's Opinion
HIPPOHelp International Plant Protein Organisation (UK)
HIPPOHelping Improve Pediatric Practice Outcomes (American Academy of Pediatrics)
HIPPOHeadquarters Information Program Planning Office
HIPPOHabitat Destruction, Invasive Species, Population, Pollution, Overharvesting (factors endangering species)
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Hippo is on a mission to make the digital experience more personable for every visitor.
In the end, we settled on the Fat Hippo Burger, a mouth-watering combo of beef, streaky bacon, chorizo, cheese and Fat Hippo sauce - and the Candy Man, featuring candied bacon, cheese and onion jam.
Doug Laird, Couchbase Chief Marketing Officer, said : "The Hippo CMS is a user-friendly tool that AuthX assisted in driving exceptional value for both our Marketing and IT teams with a solid implementation in an extremely aggressive timeline.
Emma Rutherford, events coordinator at Useful Vision, said: "Useful Vision families had an amazing day thanks to the staff at the Flying Hippo.
The council has admitted that their hippo looks a little worse for wear and has promised to give him a new lease of life, including a jet wash, new ear - and TLC.
The hippos had been grazing at a water hole and were joined by the elephant which suddenly became agitated when the other animals started to come closer Amazingly, the mother, weighing 1.
I want people to fall in love with Mech Mice without even playing the game," said Lance Priebe, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Development Officer at Hyper Hippo.
Five-inch plastic vanes finished the nock end of my hippo arrows, while the business end was tipped with two-blade, 180-grain German Kinetics broadheads.
com/2013/05/09/river-guide-swallowed-by-hippo-lives-to-tell-tale/) hippo had clamped down on Templer's left arm and torso, dragging him underneath the water's surface.
His boat, with his clients still in it, had been lifted half out of the water on the back of the huge bull hippo.
JOHANNESBURG: Solly, a young South African hippo that got stuck in a swimming pool after being kicked out of his herd, died yesterday morning before a crane could lift him to freedom.