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HiPPOHighest Paid Person's Opinion
HIPPOHelp International Plant Protein Organisation (UK)
HIPPOHelping Improve Pediatric Practice Outcomes (American Academy of Pediatrics)
HIPPOHeadquarters Information Program Planning Office
HIPPOHabitat Destruction, Invasive Species, Population, Pollution, Overharvesting (factors endangering species)
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The Fat Hippo burger and our Texas burger are both stacked high with a pile of onion rings making them the tallest burgers on the menu
The people who came to The Hippo didn't just come from Cardiff, they came from all over Wales and even across the bridge.
The core components and downstream effectors of the Hippo pathway in Drosophila are highly conserved in mammals and include the following: Mst1/2 (Hippo homolog), Sav1 (Sav homolog), MOB1 (homolog of Mats), Lats1/2 (Wts homologs), TAZ (transcriptional co-activator with PDZ-binding motif), and YAP (Yorkie homolog).
At least 109 hippos were killed by the suspected outbreak.
If after seeing or reading The First Hippo on the Moon, young writers were inspired to pick up a pen to create their own story, what advice would you give them?
With their appreciation for each other's point of view, Mouse and Hippo become fast, if unlikely, friends.
The Hippo digital experience and performance platform is a content management system that helps businesses understand all visitors - anonymous or known - to deliver the right content at the right time on any channel or touch point.
First, by surviving a land mine and then an attack by a hippo.
The hippo was shot from far distance with three bullets, so as its practice, whenever it is shot, it will follow the flow of water and die in a far distance.
The elevated partnership status reflects the organization's success in delivering Hippo CMS-based solutions for Enterprise clients, as well as their ongoing commitment to the advancement of the solution in North America.
With three square feet of rich hippo leather making up the front and pockets of the pack, it slight and durable.