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HIRHalogen Infrared (lamps)
HIRHoniara/Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands - Henderson International (Airport Code)
HIRHologram Image Register
HIRHydrostatic Impact Rocket
HIRHypervelocity Impact Research
HIRHorizontal Impulse Reaction
HIRHandbook of Inspection Requirements
HIRHousing Information and Referral (Port Huron, MI)
HIRHousehold Income by Race (demographics)
HIRHigh Impact Resistant
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Mae rhai gloynnod a gwyfynod hefyd yn cael eu denu at flodau sydd a thiwb hir iddyn nhw, fel y gwyddfid er enghraifft.
In the second half Heol Hir continued their dominance and led 7-4, a further three goals from the prolific Joel Roberts with assists from fellow striker Adam Threadgold, only for RAFA to pull a goal back.
HIR is nesting on the Kona Side of Hawaii in a gated community only minutes away from the historic downtown area.
Pan be creatur kept sylens in hir sowle & answeryd not perto, for sche was ful sor aferd of be Godhede, for al hir lofe & al hir affeeeyon was set in be manhode of Crist & perof eowde sehe good skylle & sehe wolde for no-thyng a partyd perfro.
Calling hirself "an egg timer in a forest of hour-glasses" just about sums up Bergman's alienated experience: As a butch, Bergman says, ze was too girly, without interest in stereotypically butch lesbian pastimes, and in "trying to figure out which gender really seemed like the best fit" kept coming back to what one might call hir own perceived definition of gay (or perhaps not stereotypically heterosexual) masculinity.
From its earliest days, the HIR has been carving a space for itself in the ever-expanding discourse on international affairs.
We are pleased to be working with HIR to build our investor communications program," said Sam Wolfe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Unique Underwriters.
Hir noted that 20 samples were sent to the Ministry of Water Resources' laboratories and the results were "clean.
Times have changed, and the HIR has taken the lead in reporting them.
PAN ystyriwch mai tri munud ydi hyd can bop ar gyfartaledd, mae chwe mlynedd yn amser go hir ym myd anwadal cerddoriaeth gyfoes.
Additionally, HIR will work to develop the company's investor base through targeted outreach programs designed to broaden the Company's exposure within the investment community.