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HITCHHPV (Human Papillomavirus) Infection and Transmission among Couples through Heterosexual Activity (study; Canada)
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And this," added Elder William Hitch, "this is why the jealousy of Congress has been aroused against us
For good measure, Hitch also trained the runnerup Master Hardy.
2 : a jerky movement or pull <He gave his pants a hitch.
Dad used the 3-horse hitch on two pieces of equipment: the John Deere plow and a 7-foot Deering grain binder.
Course the whole problem can be solved by remembering to slide the hitch pin in place after closing the armor and securing it with the attached locking device.
Villa Signing Hitch, Blues Signing Hitch, Albion Signing Hitch etc etc.
For a suitable fee, Hitch promises to help his clients woo their perfect partners.
The scenes between the two actors are classics as Hitch explains the techniques of chatting-up, how to dance (and how not to dance
His latest client is rotund accountant Albert Brennaman (James) who has set Hitch his most challenging project to date - he's smitten with the gorgeous and ridiculously-out-of-his league celebrity Allegra Cole (supermodel Valletta), for whom he helps manage her finances.
It helps to make Hitch a thoroughly enjoyable feelgood movie.