HIUHealth Insurance Unit
HIUHope International University (Fullerton, CA, USA)
HIUHorseed International University (Mogadishu, Somalia)
HIUHokkaido Imperial University (Japan)
HIUHearing Impaired Unit (schools; various locations)
HIUHigh Intensity Urban (zoning; various locations)
HIUHeadset Interface Unit (aviation)
HIUHumanitarian Information Unit (US Dept of State)
HIUHost Interface Unit
HIUHong Ik University (Seoul, Korea)
HIUHook It Up (gaming team)
HIUHydraulic Interface Unit
HIUHomicide Investigations Unit (NYPD)
HIUHuman Intelligence Unit
HIUHigh-Interest Unit
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And for the thirteenth consecutive year, HIU will also host special matinee performances for local elementary, junior high, and high school students, which includes a meet and greet with the cast.
For ease of interpretation, we estimate linear probability models on binary measures of coverage, access, OOP spending, and mental health outcomes, and include person-level controls for age, sex, race/ethnicity, citizenship, education, work status, HIU income relative to poverty, marital status, and number of children.
The pooled 2011 and 2012 CPS ASEC data contain records on 406,381 individuals, 44,453 of whom are sixty-five years old or older and 5,451 under age sixty-five but reside in an HIU with someone aged sixty-five or older (restriction 1); 4,946 individuals belong to an HIU without an adult aged eighteen or older (restriction 2).
HIU students Peri Goucher, James Atwood, Kristina Lutz, Jenny Rodriguez, Brianna Gamez, Natalie Valdez and Leigha Williams also volunteered.
On the other hand, CPO Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi appreciated efforts of the HIU investigators and announced commendatory certificates for them.
As we revealed a month ago: Troubles killers will have access to an amnesty by confessing to murder and mayhem in exchange for an agreement of non-prosecution Prosecutions will only take place if new evidence comes to light but, as we revealed earlier, DNA and other evidence is being destroyed making successful prosecutions virtually impossible The new director of the Historical Investigations Unit heading the hopedfor prosecutions will be appointed by Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness - who will have the power to sack the HIU chief too Members of the army and police - both former RUC, PSNI and serving officers - will be eligible for posts as independent investigators, and The Secretary of State can close down the whole operation if they so wish.
Income eligibility is determined by comparing HIU income relative to the federal poverty level (FPL) to the maximum income allowed by the insurance program in each individual's state at the time of the interview.
Each property has a HIU or control pipework and associated components controlling the heating and hot water demand for the resident.
As a 2018 designee, HIU continues to be featured on MilitaryFriendly.
With the HIU set to take on the responsibilities of the Police Ombudsman's office, can retired RUC officers refuse to engage in Historical Investigations Unit probes?
For that reason, we construct a family unit measure we call a "health insurance unit" (HIU), which is based on general health insurance eligibility rules, and then calculate the income for each HIU as the criteria to be used for estimating SCHIP and Medicaid eligibility.