HKBNHong Kong Broadband Network
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A free 10-day subscription to the service would be provided to the new and renewing customers and select HKBN Enterprise Solutions customers would be able to take benefit of the five-day offer.
HKBN owns an extensive fibre network in Hong Kong, which covers over 2.
With the joint seamless unified communication service provided by Deltapath and HKBN, you and your employees can be reached anywhere, anytime at the office or overseas through just one number, and save your international roaming expenses,” said William Yeung, CEO and Co-Owner of HKBN.
June Lam, Associate Director of Marketing, HKBN said, "We are ecstatic to be pioneering the mass take-up of Fibre-To-The-Home.
To Wai Bing, managing director of Business Development at HKBN, added: "We are delighted to further reinforce our partnership with FIC through launching of tvN in bbTV.
Celebrating the expansion of our partnerships, HKBN has launched the all new "Online Game Points" bundle special offer.
HKBN offers 10 channels through TVs and personal computers, which it is bundling into packages that offer broadband and phone services.
Huawei will help HKBN to deliver reliable ultra-high speed network connectivity for its customers in the face of a soaring demand for 4K OTT entertainment, online gaming or Internet of Things applications.
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited is a subsidiary of HKBN Group, Hong Kong's provider of residential high speed fibre broadband (symmetrical 100Mbps to 1,000Mbps) services by number of subscriptions.
HKBN set up a direct-access hotline powered by CosmoCom's advanced skills based routing to ensure that subscribers can quickly reach the correct, highly-trained engagement professional anywhere in the provider's network the first time, and that the specialist has the information needed to provide one-stop customer service.
We believe the video news content partnership with HKBN would enhance the news content on Yahoo