HLOCHigher Level of Care (various organizations)
HLOCHealth Locus of Control
HLOCHumboldt Light Opera Company (Arcata, CA)
HLOCHeat-Labile Opsonic Capacity
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This Snow the usual This year HLOC have pushed the boat out and hired a set from Scenic Projects in Lowestoft, which has supplied more than 60 sets professionally this year.
Emotional intelligence has significant positive correlation with doctor HLOC of control, both of these constructs are considered to be associated with better emotional status and better adaptation skills.
The SI also may be beneficial in evaluating patients on a medical-surgical unit for transfer to an HLOC, particularly when vital signs appear stable.
Additionally, Oswald, Walker, Krajewski, and Reilly (1994) suggested external HLOC determines one's substance use, potentially increasing one's HIV risk.
HLOC data are presented in Table 1; due to z-transformations, self-esteem data are not shown.
The HLOC and panic screening questionnaires were administered to 50 patients complaining of a panic-related symptom or condition known to be associated with panic, and to 119 randomly selected patients.
HLOC want to rent space on the second floor of the mill.
She is joined by other principals who will be familiar to HLOC regulars - Louisa Lefevre, Ella Midgley, Dom Moccia, Martin Stead, Neil Broadbent, Robin Walsh and Sharon Whitehead.
The 103-year-old company has budgeted a staggering PS37,500 for the production, a figure that co-producer Paul Bennett says reflects the fact that HLOC fills a void in the town.
And when Neil steps onto the stage later this month it will be his 26th show with HLOC (he's also performed in 19 pantomimes).
HLOC prides itself on producing a traditional panto with all the festive trimmings that audiences expect.