HLRSHöchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart (German: High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart; University of Stuttgart) Stuttgart; Germany)
HLRSHomosexual Law Reform Society (London, England - 1958 to 1970)
HLRSHouston Lawyer Referral Service (Texas)
HLRSHearing Loss Resource Specialist
HLRSHigh-Level Resistance to Streptomycin (chemotherapy)
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With the upcoming new paradigm of vectorizing hardware on standard computing platforms, increasing performance and reducing energy consumption, HLRS recognizes the importance of the continuation of the vector platforms of NEC for future efficient computing in simulation and data analysis.
NEC Corporation (TSE:6701), a provider of Internet, broadband network and enterprise business solutions, in cooperation with HLRS, a high performance computing centre in Stuttgart, Germany, announced on Monday (10 November) an agreement that is expected to drive the next generation of supercomputing advancements through a hybrid supercomputing collaboration where HLRS and NEC work together to establish testing systems that verify the performance of system applications.
According to the company, HLRS is to establish a testing system with NEC's SX-9 vector supercomputer and x86 based clustering system.