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HLTHealth (usually abbreviated as HLTH)
HLTHuman Language Technologies
HLTHigh Level Trigger
HLTHighly Leveraged Transaction (financial term)
HLTHeart-Lung Transplant
HLTHome Linking Technology
HLTHoulton, Maine (border patrol sector)
HLTHot Liquor Tun (brewing)
HLTHeavy Laser Tower (gaming
HLTHungarian Local Time
HLTHilltown Land Trust (land conservation; Huntington, MA)
HLTHome Line Tryout (automotive industry)
HLTHigh-Level Terminal
HLTHospitality Leisure & Tourism
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Thus, HLT may be a particularly helpful approach to working with clients across a broad range of concerns related to organizational downsizing, which has effects across many domains of a client's life.
Richard Icke, sales director of HLT, said: "As far as winning the award is concerned, we were extremely pleased.
Said Mike Clary, vice president of business development, software products and platforms for Sun Microsystems: "Sun intends to invest its resources and technology to help Thalia expand and enhance HLT for networking product categories that require low-cost, low-data-rate technology.
Prior to joining HLT, Bassett was part of Sunshine Heart, Inc.
HLT, or home linking technology -- which will permit various household products to communicate with one another -- is the glue that holds together Sunbeam's vision for the future of household appliances, a vision in which one can, for example, use a clock/radio to operate a coffeemaker.
HLT is focused on developing technology for percutaneous aortic valve replacement (PAVR) procedures.
The HLT Agency manages these language resources and makes them available for new projects in the fields of education, research and development.
The HLT Patch is being developed by Nuvo for the treatment of acute musculoskeletal pain (AMP).
Thalia (for Thinking and Linking Intelligent Appliances) was created in 1999 by Sunbeam Corporation to produce smart appliances and services, and to license HLT to manufacturers.
for Thinking and Linking Intelligent Appliances) -- to produce smart appliances and services and to license HLT to other manufacturers.
Because, as Hamann points out, for all the technical work that went into Thalia's HLT system and Sunbeam's HLT-Smart-products, Sunbeam's focus has never really been on technology.
At yearend 1999, HLT expects to have approximately $5.